The best editors can read a writer’s intentions – not just their words.

Doctor Edit can diagnose and cure what’s troubling documents of any length, from 100 words to 100,000+.

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Everyone’s writing needs a second pair of eyes, but not every proofreader has the eagle eye of Doctor Edit.

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Doctor Edit can (re)write effectively and creatively on any topic, for any audience or market.

Newsletters, brochures, marketing materials, advertising copy, web copy, corporate reports – Doctor Edit can create the perfect communication tools for your needs.


Doctor Edit aka Dr Paul Vincent is an internationally respected editor and writer.

His wide-ranging experience as an editor and proofreader extends from academic writing to advertising, books to brochures, and magazines to marketing materials.

As a writer, Dr Vincent has published internationally in such diverse areas as Shakespeare, food and nutrition, marketing and branding, language learning, law and contemporary literature.

He is also the author of children’s favourite Boswell Bunny and the Magic Carrot.

Dr Vincent is dedicated to working closely with you to realise your verbal vision, whatever it might be.

Dr Vincent has edited or proofed nearly 100 of our non-fiction books, for international publishers like Routledge, Continuum and Radcliffe. His versatility has seen him work on books with titles as diverse as Entrepreneurship Marketing, ACDC’s ‘Highway to Hell’ and Interpreting Human Rights. Dr Vincent’s work is consistently of the highest standard, and he is extremely reliable – he regularly finishes jobs well inside our deadlines.

Sara-May Mallett
Project Manager, Pindar NZ

We require academic texts to use in our English language needs assessments which are taken by students in universities in New Zealand and in other parts of the world. Dr Vincent has the ability to compose such texts. He is able to write knowledgeably on a wide range of topics in the appropriate tone and register. I thoroughly recommend Dr Vincent as a versatile and professional writer.

Janet von Randow
DELNA Manager, University of Auckland

Dr Vincent edited and proofread my Law PhD thesis so well that my examiners did not require any changes to be made. This happens only very rarely. Dr Vincent was able to quickly assimilate the style and formatting requirements of my discipline and helped me ensure that my thesis was submitted as professionally as possible. He’s the best editor I’ve ever had.

Dr Guy Charlton
Senior Lecturer, Auckland University of Technology


Doctor Edit’s unique combination of experience and efficiency means he can work faster and more accurately than other editors, who often charge an arm and a leg for work that takes far too long. Doctor Edit charges on a case-by-case basis and tailors his fees to your individual requirements, wherever you are in the world.

For your personalised prescription in the form of a free, no-obligation quote, contact him today.